Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday makeover

 Now that winter has defiantly arrived....first frost last night
weekends have taken on a new dimension and we are all feeling homely and have that dark night cozy up time,no nipping off to the seaside for fish and chips.....well maybe now and again!!!

Its home and shut the door,fire on,warm winter fodder on the stove and lots more dark hours to fill and so I stumbled on this

I think its amazing how she can turn the most horrendous dress in to something great to wear and although i am not brave enough to do this challenge on a daily basis I thought maybe I could have a makeover Monday each week ( although dont hold me to it) on my blog and see what I can up cycle over each week
here is my first up cycle object.............pretty horrendous huh!! And it was £4.00 from a local charity shop,seriously though this came with a skirt to match (another monday makeover project)

Its 5 sizes too big for me but I was drawn by the buttons and the winteryness of it

I used a tunic that fits me to establish the size and basic shape I was looking for

I then cut up the sides and shaped the arm holes and after a bit of nifty stichery ended up with


its going to look cool with a pair of wool tights and black boots,looking forward to wearing it!!


Isaac's Mom said...

Wow - what a difference - It's super cute!

Popbabe7 said...

Wow that looks great!!! You have a new follower!!


PS: thanks for commenting on my blog!

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