Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nine million bicycles .........

My favorite song by Katie Melua
And we got to hear her sing it live!!!

and this is just how close we were to the very talented singer

We had a very relaxing evening,even with Daniel and Lucy in tow,in fact they were better behaved than their dad........who probably isnt katies best fan but sat through the perfomance and was the one who actually brought me the tickets....thankyou again Andrew

we packed up a rather large picnic,with some bubbly wine for us adults and bubbly flavored water for the children,who drank it from champage flutes that made it taste better than it really did

we found our little spot on a bankment so we could eat drink and soak up the mellow soft sounds of Katie and her support band.....we even danced a little........mainly so nobody invaded our little space that we marked as our own

we had the best weather a barmy sunny july night watching one of my favorite singers in the middle of the forest....surreal!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grabbing a slice of the cake

Today has been all about cakes!!
My friend is getting married in september and we set about designing her wedding cakes today,we spent a long long day decorating,mixing,icing,and tasting of course and our two little girls played as happy as sand girls together,it was a good day for all and here are some of the results

The cakes will be on sale at Daniels school fete tomorrow to rasie funds for the school.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Royal Norfolk show 2010

We arrived at the show at 10am,it was warm and very busy,Daniel had gone with his school and the plan was to meet up with him after lunch so he could spend the rest of the day at the show.

We met up with some friends and enjoyed a lazy pimms while we people watched and drank in the atmosphere.

Megan had her brave head on and did a bungee jump

My girl is braver than me

Back to earth

We met up with daniel ,it was great to watch his face full of fun sliding down the big slides,oh my heart was in my mouth,I must say i breathed a sigh of relief when their time was up

Love the festival feet!!!

We girls enjoyed the prom and wedding tent

Megan has chosen her car already

Daniel got a sit in a police car so he was happy too,he was happy with his glove puppet too

Megan and Lucy are such a close pair and watching them together was so beautiful,Lucy is in awe of her big sister and Megan is very protective over her little sister

This place was boy heaven too

We finished off the evening at the vintage funfair,it was such a magical time of the day and it made the place seem almost enchanted

we left with 2 very tired littles at 7pm after a wonderful day at the show

Lucy Mai

Lucy Mai
Here is Lucy Mai the baby of the family she loves playing with her brother ans sister and has the most wonderful smile that you ever did see


Daniel is a very cheeky loving boy who loves his cars and trains and anything boy!!! He is very keen on dressing up army right now and is the most loving little fella


Megan a little ray of sunshine who lights up a room,she loves all things girly and shopping for shoes,she is a book worm and currently reading Harry Potter


My big girl all grown up now and loves life and is looking forward to moving in with her boyfriend and making a beautiful new home

The daddy,Andrew

The daddy,Andrew
My wonderful Andrew who looks after his family and is the best daddy ever

The mummy me

The mummy me
I am the one who keeps the home front running and I love to be at home with my children and look after our home.I love photography,reading crafts and of course shopping

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