Friday, August 29, 2008

fireworks and a sleepy baby

we went to watch the fireworks at the beach and as they didnt let them off till 10pm we had 2 very tired children on our hands.
Daniel kept going but nothing was going to wake Lucy,ahhh she is just like her daddy and would sleep through anything

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not many of these left

Nights sitting outside with a glass of wine!!!!
Last night we sat outside with our champagne truffle pate and a glass of wine,sitting there on the decking feeling a warm glow from the candle I wrapped a blanket round my shoulders and thought that these nights are very limited now and we will be sitting inside at night soon with only the pretend flame of fire from the fake flame firplace in our lounge.
Summer where did you go!!!! did you ever really arrive!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vending machines for running shoes

Yes its true,when was the last time you were out in the high street and thought,hmmmm I really could do with a new pair of running shoes and the shops are shut?
Well here goes the vending machines hold 24 pairs of shoes in 6 sizes and so now there is no excuse.

I found no such machine as I went on my second run since having Lucy but I did manage to run for a little longer than last time and with the buzz of energy I had when I came home I went like a whirlwind through the house changing beds and tidying round so all in all a good workout for me,now I just need to see some results,this baby belly has to go

Big chef

Couldnt leave my big chef out and had to put up this picture,wonder if he will turn out to be a michelin star chef one day and we will be banding this picture about just to show his early love of cooking food.
The only thing we need to do now is convince Daniel to actually eat,he really only eats enough to keep a fly alive right,but thats a whole new story!!!!!!!

Little chef

Couldnt resist putting this picture up.
Daniel and I do quite a bit of cooking together he really loves it so I brought him this chef hat to wear but thought Lucy looks quite a cute little cook too

Friday, August 15, 2008

A lot of hot air

It was such a wonderful night and I know that we dont have many more of these nights to come this summer so when Andrew came home from work we headed off to the park.
It was such a still night and we were counting the hot air balloons going over,how I would love to go up in a hot air balloon.

Lucy got her first swing ride,she has been way to small before but she really loved it so much.
We stopped by the Hill House Hotel on the way home and had some tea,it was a great way to end the week

Mini Olymipcs

The children held there own little olympics and as you can see Daniel is coming up a good 2nd place,the only thing you dont know here is that he had already been lapped about 10 times!!!!Daniels bike used to belong to Andrews sisters boy who is now 13 so as you can see the bike is rather old and although Daniel didnt seem to mind his very slow bike I think the least we can do is get him some cool wheels with go faster stripes on.Mmmm maybe I can feel a birthday present idea coming on

Riding off in to the sunset

Daniel met Taegan when he was a few weeks old and they have been like a little married couple ever since,she will boss him around and he will do as he is told.
On November 1st Taegan will be flying off to Australia and Daniel will miss her so much.

Goodbye to our friends

Two of my friends are about to emigrate all the way to Australia and today we all met at the park.
Daniel has known these friends from since he was born and it made me feel so sad for both of us that we will both saying goodbye to 2 lots of friends.
I am happy for them also that they are living out their dreams and one friend is moving to Sydney and the other to Adelaide so I am sure to get great holidays in Ozz now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nursery rhymes

Lucy's room was mind full of our baby being either boy or girl as we chose not to find out before our children were born.I think at some point it will become a princess palace of pink and fluffiness but for now she enjoys being in her room and the main thing is whatever colour it is she sleeps like a little sleeping beauty

A boys haven

I think after adding pictures of Beckies new home I have felt that my home is a little left out and maybe its why I have the urge to document the childrens rooms and it will be great to look back on when they are all grown up and lets see what they have held on to as they grow!!!!
Daniels room is all things boats and boys and I did have fun finding some lovely boy stuff for his room.
Right now his daddy is putting him to bed in said room and probably daddy will fall asleep before Daniel so I guess its a very relaxing sea calming room

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A very girly room

There is no colour scheme going on in our house but there is no mistaking whos is whos room,Megan is such a girly girl and has lots of lovely pink things she never used to very girly so I was surprised when she went all out for pink but she loves her girls room and I must admit it has a very calming atmosphere

Liu Look-alike Meter

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Suday by the harbour

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We were invited to a friends beach hut on sunday and we went to the harbour for a bite to eat and buy some fish.
Andrew and Daniel really love their fish and we found an absouloutly amazing fish hut that served up platters of freshly caught fish.
We came home with some sea bass and dressed crab and as soon as we got home that evening while I bathes the children Andrew cooked the fish for us all for an evening supper.....Mmmmmmm these days are just the best and truly what family is all about,a wonderful day

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Its not Megans birthday till monday but she had a pre birthday celebration and I took her and a couple of frinds to the cinema to see Mama Mia and then a sleep over as well.
The girls had a great time and Mama mia was really good,we came out singing dancing queen.
She will be 11 ohh my goodness my little girl is getting all grown up

Walk in the wood

We too a pinic and headed off to the forest,this is a forest with a difference as it has lots of fun activities and you can even climb the trees and slide all the way down on metal ropes.
We kept our feet almost firmly on the ground and had a really nice time till Daniel started to feel poorly,he had had his booster immunisations the day before and I think it had made him feel really off colour but at least he got to enjoy himself before we took him home.
Daniel and megan took a friend each as well and they all had lots of fun

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A lovely new home

Today we went to see Beckie in her new home and it is such a lovely place to start her new life with boyfriend Chris.
I think they will be very happy here and WOW what a kitchen to ccok all those romantic meals for 2 in.

You can see the sea from where she lives and that is fantastic in itself as there is nothing better than to breath in the sea air and take a walk along the beach after a stressful day at work

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I love taking pictures and I have enroled in a photography course starting in September and I am soo excited,hopefully you will see from september my technique improving and some of my work will be going on this blog.

Lucy and Megan are fantastic to photograph,Lucy not being aware of the camera and Megan just loving her picture taken.The hardset one to photograph id Daniel and he will dodge the camera at every chance so I have to catch him unaware.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

all mums are working mums

I was thinking back to how I used to manage to juggle work and family life the other day and I am not really sure how I did although we all survived and somehow it kind of worked AND I made time for myself.
I just dont do that now I feel like I havnt earned it in some ways and when I was out working I felt like I had,if this makes any sence.

I know this is crazy and maybe a bit of me time is a good idea to keep me sane through all the day to day chores.I am not complaining though I think of how stressed I used to be and how much I missed the children growing up and even birthday parties when I was just to busy to be there.

I guess the baggage of guilt we mums carry round when we work and when we dont work are always there but in different forms and this is just part of being a mummy

Lucy Mai

Lucy Mai
Here is Lucy Mai the baby of the family she loves playing with her brother ans sister and has the most wonderful smile that you ever did see


Daniel is a very cheeky loving boy who loves his cars and trains and anything boy!!! He is very keen on dressing up army right now and is the most loving little fella


Megan a little ray of sunshine who lights up a room,she loves all things girly and shopping for shoes,she is a book worm and currently reading Harry Potter


My big girl all grown up now and loves life and is looking forward to moving in with her boyfriend and making a beautiful new home

The daddy,Andrew

The daddy,Andrew
My wonderful Andrew who looks after his family and is the best daddy ever

The mummy me

The mummy me
I am the one who keeps the home front running and I love to be at home with my children and look after our home.I love photography,reading crafts and of course shopping

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