Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy birthday.........

Its been my birthday weekend and although I spent quite a bit of it nursing sick children I had a lovely weekend overall
I had some beautiful gifts from jewlery,pjs,cake plates,baking gear,photography book,book tokens,a whole load of seeds to plant and a beautiful herb planter to plant them in

I was spoilt and feel a very lucky lady

I had lots of cards,and will leave them on my fire place for as long as I think I can get away with it.

Beautiful flowers,I just love fresh cut flowers in the house and will even treat myself to a big bunch every now and again,its always spring when you have a vase of flowers in your house.

Just beautiful

Ok so what birthday is going to be complete without a cake.............or 12!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here comes the sun.........da da da da

Oh yes its feelin like the spring has sprung,we are out and about as a family enjoying that sunshine and those fish and chips that are just compulsary at wells seaside

I HAVE TO ADD HERE...........I was in agony this day as I had really pulled my back out the day before trying to lift a rather large plant in my conservertory,infact it is short of a miricle that i was even out and about this day

I was..........and thankful for that as I had not visualised the week ahead of me,the day after these photos were taken my dear little boy came down with the worst tummy bug on earth and has been so very poorly,he had 5 days of hell and although he can ill afford it has lost so much weight,he is thinner than the thinnest bean pole now

We had a fantastic day by the sea,just watching the children picking up stones on the beach and running in the muddy puddles has given me a taste of the summer to come,my little baby girl has grown up so much,has become stubborn like her dad........that can bring some testing times but she has grown and grown in many ways that I never felt sure would come,she has done amazing things,she is my inspiration,as is all of my family.

We travelled in style to the beach by train

Me and my crooked back managed to climb aboard this train that carried us beach wise........crazy thing was a walk on the beach seemed to cure my poor back and as we missed the train going homeward bound and had to walk it...........I felt amazingly good and almost strutted back across the sea front
I did suffer the next day but hey!!!! it was worth it

Monday, March 15, 2010

Megans Magic Mothers day cake

Thank you megan for my cake I am very proud of you,its honestly the BEST tasting cake I ever tasted
Megan made me the most wonderful mothers day cake,she asked for no help,it tasted amazing,as you can see this cake wont be around for long.

Even our in house critic.......master of cake tasting........baker of non.....Andrew was pretty impressed

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My cute new purchases

Watch out!!!

I am loving this watch that I brought for my preppy little Megan

I was going to use this watch with all its beautiful ribbons like a reward chart that you use for toddlers,every time she leaves her room with actual floor space you can see,each time she feeds her furrys without being reminded,each time she just clears up just cos she wants to be helpful........ect ect.........then she gets a new ribbon for her watch

But it just seemed a crime to empty that box of all its colour so she gets the watch and bows and we will just have to work on the rest!!!


I went to my first Jamie at home party the other night(thanks Jayne) and I just fell in love with the storage jars and their brightly coloured lids and they have filled up my shelves in a happy bright way

As soon as that sun comes out I start to enjoy my creative side and dust off my sewing machine and hunt out new and beautiful fabrics..............bring on the spring its been a long time coming

Lucy Mai

Lucy Mai
Here is Lucy Mai the baby of the family she loves playing with her brother ans sister and has the most wonderful smile that you ever did see


Daniel is a very cheeky loving boy who loves his cars and trains and anything boy!!! He is very keen on dressing up army right now and is the most loving little fella


Megan a little ray of sunshine who lights up a room,she loves all things girly and shopping for shoes,she is a book worm and currently reading Harry Potter


My big girl all grown up now and loves life and is looking forward to moving in with her boyfriend and making a beautiful new home

The daddy,Andrew

The daddy,Andrew
My wonderful Andrew who looks after his family and is the best daddy ever

The mummy me

The mummy me
I am the one who keeps the home front running and I love to be at home with my children and look after our home.I love photography,reading crafts and of course shopping

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